Creating a Watcher

A watcher monitors a file for added content, displays that content to the window and optionally performs actions based on what is displayed. Most often this used for text-based log files that have additional entries appended to the end of the file over time. There may be many watchers open at once (and it is possible to have more than one watcher per file). On Unix systems, there is a popular utility called tail that is used for similar functions.

To create a watcher, make sure the LogWatcher view is visible. If it is not, open the LogWatcher view by selecting Window > Show View > Other... > Log Files > LogWatcher. Once the LogWatcher view is started, push the farthest left action button to create a new watcher.

Watcher Options

Within the dialog, select a file to watch either by typing in the full path or selecting the file with the "Browse..." button.

Each watcher can set how many lines of the file are shown in the window when the watcher first starts up.

Each watcher can set how often it checks for changes in the file it is watching. This option is set in a number of seconds.

Watchers may have optionally have filters configured. See Defining a Filter for more information on filters. A single watcher may have numberous filters which perform different actions. The list of filters for a watcher will be shown in the "Filters" list.